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co-founders Angie Bolanos and Irving Diaz

Our Story

Path to Wellness

"...How We Began Our Path to Wellness..."

The origins of BD Wellness + Health began as nothing more than a New Year’s resolution by a South Florida couple to minimize their own personal stress and improve their health and wellness. BD is a last name acronym for Angie Bolanos and Irving Diaz, and their story, or rather, the BD Wellness + Health Story began in January 2021.



Angie is a licensed occupational therapist with her own practice, and Irving is real estate and finance professional with his own firm. As independent business owners, each were accustomed to working 10-to-12-hour days while at the same time balancing family life, they maintained less than nutritional eating habits, and often neglected their own wellbeing due to professional time constraints. As a result, stress and a lack of self-wellness caused the pounds to creep up and they both began experiencing a similar overwhelmed feeling with no obvious solution. It was time for a change, not just a change of schedule, but a complete overhaul of their outlook on wellness and health.



On January 1st, 2021, both Angie and Irving decided to taking control of their health by cleaning up their nutrition and participating in a fitness challenge as a means of accountability. The journey led them to research nutrition and wellness best practices, and they discovered a successful strategy that combined body and mind to help them exceed their wellness and health expectations. Today, both Angie and Irving are back to their High School weights, their mental clarity and energy is equivalent to that of their youths, and they collectively agree it is one of the most effective decisions they have ever made.



Angie and Irving created and launched BD Wellness + Health to share their experience and with the hopes of helping others improve their lives. They have curated a hand selected group of wellness and health partners, the same that helped them achieve and exceed their goals, and now deliver a comprehensive solution to anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves.


“…Our Wellness and Health Journey Truly Changed Our Lives, and Our Mission is to Share Our Experience and Help Others Become the Best Version of Themselves…”

Angie Bolanos + Irving Diaz

Co-Founders BD Wellness + Health

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