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Wellness Plan

"...You Need All of the Energy That You Can Get..."

Whether you are a brand-new mom, or you are experiencing motherhood again, you need all of the energy that you can get. Keeping up with a newborn, and in some instances, juggling their older siblings all at the same time can often become a demanding endeavor and affect wellbeing and health. The Postnatal Plan is designed for nursing moms whose newborns are two months or older and who is providing most of the baby’s nutrition though breastmilk. As all of our wellness plans, the goal is simplicity and effectiveness by combining the guidance of a one-on-one Health Coach with the power of a nutrition program.


  • For Nursing Moms whose Newborns are Two (2) Months or Older.

  • One-on-One Health Coach, All Conveniently Virtual.

  • Absolutely NO Medication, We Do Not Believe in Chemicals.

  • Focused on Natural Well Balanced and Precise Nutrition.

  • Restore or Increase Energy, Shed Off the Baby Weight.

  • Transform both Body and Mind, Its One Big Machine.

  • The Path to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself #BVOY.

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